Newsletter: June, 2013

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Healthcare: Getting the Word Out, a comprehensive website where small employers can learn about the new healthcare law and how they can access affordable coverage through state health insurance marketplaces, re-launched on June 24.

 Small Business Majority partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services to provide the first look at the website when it re-launched. We had more than 600 entrepreneurs on the call interested in learning about this new resource.

  Stay tuned for more exciting news on the healthcare front, with the launch on July 2 of Small Business Majority’s national Health Coverage Guide exclusively for small business owners! This resource provides objective information and walks small business owners, step-by-step, through the insurance process.

  We’ve been pounding the pavement to educate small business owners across the nation about the healthcare law and the provisions going into effect in mere months. Check out our event calendar to see when we’ll be in a city near you.

News Clips

  Affordable Care Act webinar for N.C. small biz on tap for Thursday

Triangle Business Journal


 Live blog: Washington Post Small Business Forum

Washington Post Live


 National Small Business Week Turns 50

Roll Call


 Small-business groups ‘cautiously optimistic’ about economic recovery

Washington Post


 Healthy for 

Akron Beacon Journal


 Small Business Needs a Balanced Immigration Bill

The Hill


 House GOP Eyes JOBS Act 20

Politico Pro


 Small business weekly: Hiring slows on Main Street, holding back economic gains

Washington Post


 State-run health exchange opens for business

Crain’s New York


 Business owners favor nondiscrimination laws



 Poll: NC small-business owners support gay rights

Raleigh News Observer


 Why Obamacare Is Good for Entrepreneurs

National Journal


Letter from John Arensmeyer

Every month in Washington is a big month for small businesses, but June was special. This month we celebrated National Small Business Week (and what a week it was); the pathway to immigration reform cleared a major hurdle when the Senate approved the “Gang of Eight’s” comprehensive immigration reform bill on June 27 (which our polling shows small businesses largely support with some safe-havens and balanced obligations for employment verification); and we released opinion polling showing small businesses oppose workplace discrimination laws such as the Defense of Marriage Age, which forces employers to treat employees differently (the Supreme Court struck DOMA down on June 26).

And that wasn’t everything. We released climate change polling showing small businesses believe climate change is an urgent problem for the economy and small businesses on the same day the president announced his plan to combat climate change and reduce carbon pollution. And we helped educate small businesses about the revamped website—a comprehensive online resource small business owners can use to learn about the healthcare law and the new insurance marketplaces coming online in every state in January.

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one on the small business front, so stay tuned for more exciting updates or visit anytime.

Flying the Small Business Flag

National Small Business Week was a great week, filled with a long list of events aimed at keeping small business owners, organizations, lawmakers and the media up-to-date and well informed about the most pressing small business issues. We hosted a call with Senator Mary Landrieu, Chair of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, met with Acting Secretary of Labor Seth Harris to discuss pending minimum wage proposals, and CEO John Arensmeyer made an appearance on Washington Post Live’s Small Business Forum. Visit our website to see the full list.

What’s more, we held our annual small business photo contest and had some of the best entries we’ve received yet.

Check out the winners and all our small business superstars on our Facebook page.

Clearing a Major Hurdle on Immigration Reform

  On June 27, the Senate passed its bipartisan immigration reform bill. The bill is a great first step toward comprehensive immigration reform, however as the bill moves to the House of Representatives, we hope provisions are added that safeguard small businesses from overly-burdensome requirements to verify the legal status of a worker.

  As the bill makes its way through Congress, we’ll continue educating small business owners and organizations about how it can impact small firms. Check our events calendar to find out when our next presentation is.

Workplace Equality: Good for Small Business

On June 4, we released scientific opinion polling of small business owners across the country and with oversamples in Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio showing small businesses strongly support workplace nondiscrimination policies for gay and transgender individuals.

  That same day, VP of External Affairs, Rhett Buttle, presented the findings of the poll at an event in Washington where the Movement Advancement Project released a report mirroring our poll findings.

  On June 26, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act—a law that required employers to treat gay couples differently for benefit and payroll purposes. Our poll found small businesses owners believed this law hurt small businesses by requiring them to treat employees differently. The high court’s ruling was a good one for our country’s job creators.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

  On June 1 Small Business Majority CEO, John Arensmeyer, moderated a panel on entrepreneurship at the AARP’s Life @50+ conference in Las Vegas.

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Newsletter: April, 2013

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  On April 24, we held a business leader briefing call on immigration reform. We were pleased to be joined by Adolfo Hernandez with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office, and Jeremy Robbins from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office, who also serves as director of the Partnership for a New American Economy.

  On April 17, Small Business Majority issued a statement in response to the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration bill unveiled that day. The bill targets key problems in our broken immigration system that need fixing so we can boost our economy and small businesses.

News Clips

  The Small Business Take on Minimum Wage

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  Small business success is the solution to our economic woes

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  Survey: Small businesses back minimum wage rise



  In the immigration debate, small business owners want a level-playing field



  Expanding Medicaid would help small businesses

Cincinnati Enquirer


  Surprise: Everyone Applauds Small Business Tax Reform



  John Arensmeyer on MSNBC’s Your Business



  Immigration Reform Key to Small Business, Economic Success

Huffington Post


  John Arensmeyer on Bloomberg Radio

Bloomberg Radio


  Reports of the small business exchange’s death are greatly exaggerated

Washington Post


  Some Small Businesses See Obamacare as Welcome Relief



  Administration Hits Pause On Health Exchanges For Small Businesses



  Small Business Wants Immigration Reform for More Than Cheap Labor

Bloomberg Businessweek


  Feds delay small business health care program

USA Today


  Small-Business Insurance Market From Health Law Delayed a Year



  Option for Small-Business Health Plan Delayed

New York Times


  The Issue: Immigration reform: Time ripe for sweeping reform



  Big Companies, Low Taxes

HuffPost Live


Letter from John Arensmeyer

Policies impacting small businesses have been front and center all year, and April was no different. From the immigration reform bill recently unveiled by a bipartisan group of senators to the president’s budget proposal, there are myriad policies on the table right now with significant impacts for small businesses. Small Business Majority continues to play a key role in many of them.

Last month we released polling on small business views on immigration reform, and we applaud senators for coming together this month to support a comprehensive bill that includes a path to citizenship for our nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants and more economic certainty for America’s entrepreneurs. Next week, we’re kicking off a nationwide series of educational seminars on immigration reform to help educate small employers on how the proposed legislation could impact them.

We also released national opinion polling last week that found more than two-thirds of small business owners support increasing the federal minimum wage and adjusting it annually to keep pace with inflation.

Despite claims that increasing minimum wage would adversely impact small businesses because they can’t afford to pay employees more, 85 percent of small employers already pay all of their employees more than the minimum wage.

In tax and budget news, the president introduced a budget blueprint this month that includes key provisions small businesses support and have long been asking for. However, we also know small business owners don’t want to see Social Security cuts made as a way to reduce the deficit because consumers and small business owners will have less money to spend, which would negatively affect the economy and small businesses’ bottom lines. We hope this is kept in mind during continued budget negotiations.

We also continue to move forward toward full implementation of our new healthcare law. Despite the rule proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services to possibly delay critical requirements for federally-run small business exchanges in certain states for one year (as I discussed on NPR), California, Colorado and other states have affirmed their commitment to small business by announcing their exchanges will offer full employee choice in 2014. We’re pleased to hear these state exchanges are moving full speed ahead to give small businesses increased options at better value. We look forward to seeing more state-based exchanges announce their decisions to offer employee choice.

To see what we’re up to in these and other areas including clean energy, access to capital and more, visit us online any time at


In April 2013, Small Business Majority released its third California Listening Tour report, which chronicles our yearlong, statewide tour educating small business owners about the healthcare law and getting their feedback on how it should be implemented in California.

  On April 5, we issued a statement on Covered California’s reaffirmation that it will provide employee choice in its small business health exchange. This is a critical feature of the insurance marketplace, and the state’s small businesses support it.

  Just one day prior, we released a statement regarding Colorado’s decision to implement employee choice in its small business exchange. Our national polling shows small business owners want to be able to offer this to their employees.

Also on April 4, we released an economic report showing the beneficial impact expansion of Medicaid can have on Missouri’s economy and small businesses.


  On April 10, we issued a statement in response to President Obama’s proposed budget. While the budget blueprint is largely positive for small businesses, entrepreneurs don’t want to see cuts made to Social Security as part of a deal to lower the deficit.

On April 15, Small Business Majority submitted comments on House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp’s small business tax reform proposals. The same day, we joined other business groups in sending a letter to the Ways & Means Committee in support of the reforms. Read an op-ed by John Arensmeyer about the proposal in The Hill newspaper.

  On April 10, we held a luncheon with the Minority Business RoundTable to discuss contracting and sequestration issues impacting businesses. Thank you to Kevin Boshears, Director of Small Business at the Department of Homeland Security, for joining us.


  On April 25, Small Business Majority sent a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding its strong support for the JOBS Act, and urging the SEC to implement the law appropriately and quickly for the good of small businesses.

On April 24, Small Business Majority released national scientific opinion polling showing more than two-thirds of small business owners support increasing the federal minimum wage, and believe it can help boost small business and our economy.


  On April 4, Midwest Outreach Manager Mary Huttlinger was joined by Lauren Smalley, a Public Information Officer for the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, for a webinar educating the state’s small businesses on choosing the right energy provider for them.

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Newsletter: March, 2013

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  Taxes, Budget & Financial Reform

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On March 27, Small Business Majority released national opinion polling that found nine in 10 small business owners recognize our current immigration system isn’t working, and 84 percent support the bipartisan Senate proposal to reform it.

Poll Briefing:

Join Small Business Majority’s research expert Conan Knoll on April 1 to learn how entrepreneurs view current immigration proposals.

Register here.

  On March 22, Small Business Majority and business groups hosted a free call for small business owners featuring a presentation by a member of the White House’s immigration team.

News Clips

  Main Street and Silicon Valley find themselves united around immigration reform

Washington Post



  Latino leaders say ‘it is past time’ for American immigration reform

The Guardian



  The New Tax Landscape

CFO Magazine



  Tax proposal would help small businesses plan, could provide economic boost

Associated Press



  House lawmakers pitch simpler, stabler tax system for small businesses

Washington Post



  Health coverage tax credit deadline nears

OC Register



  National, local experts address Affordable Care Act in Schaumburg

Chicago Daily Herald



  Exchange would help businesses

Southeast Missourian



  SBM Network Council Member on Fox Business

Fox Business



  Arensmeyer: Small Businesses? Sequester Advice Is to Plug Corporate Loopholes

Roll Call



  Texas may see a crunch but not a crisis from federal spending cuts

Dallas News



  Great Depression Price Tag: $13 Trillion

Washington Informer


Letter from John Arensmeyer


There’s a lot going on in Washington that involves small businesses these days, and it’s keeping us busy on many fronts. From immigration reform proposals to battling federal budgets and new health law rules, we’ve been armed with the small business perspective every step of the way.


Yesterday we released national scientific opinion polling that found small business owners resoundingly agree our immigration system is broken and should be reformed. They support creating a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants, and strongly support the bipartisan “Gang of Eight’s” reform proposal.


Several tax and budget plans with major implications for small firms have also been getting airtime. In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, senators passed a budget introduced by Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray, and voted for a bipartisan amendment to the budget resolution cracking down on corporate abuse of offshore tax havens. Small business owners strongly support plugging such loopholes, and they also favor a number of bipartisan elements in House Ways and Means’ Committee Chairman Dave Camp’s recent small business tax reform proposal.


And, as always, there’s much to report regarding healthcare. On March 1, a rule was proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services to delay several critical components of the federally facilitated small business health insurance exchanges for one year. This unfortunate setback has spurred us to work even harder to educate small businesses, lawmakers and the media on the many benefits our health law provides. In fact, our staff has recently grown due to the need for bilingual healthcare experts in Southern California as implementation moves full speed ahead.


Marcia Davalos joined Small Business Majority as our Southern California Outreach Manager and Jenn Walker came aboard as our new Executive Assistant. I’m also pleased to announce we’ve promoted government affairs and outreach director Rhett Buttle to Vice President, External Affairs, research and development manager Conan Knoll to Director, Research & Grants and special projects director Ben Geyerhahn to Director, Entrepreneurship & Capital. Our exceptional team and the work we’re able to achieve never ceases to amaze me. To see for yourself, visit us online any time at


  On March 27, Southern Outreach Manager Erica Dowell testified in front of the HHS Advisory Committee on Minority Health on the healthcare law’s impact on minority small businesses in Bethesda, MD.


  On March 21, CEO John Arensmeyer and California Director David Chase attended the California Exchange Board meeting in Sacramento, where plans are well underway for the state’s individual and small business health insurance exchanges opening in 2014.


  On March 19, David and Erica held the first conference call in a new series we’re holding to share health law implementation information with business groups. Each month, we’ll be giving our partners and other interested groups an update on the latest issued rules.


  On March 15, Small Business Majority and business groups sent a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services urging them to reject a rule that would delay key small business provisions in the federally facilitated health insurance exchanges that will be necessary to establish in the majority of states.


On March 13, Small Business Majority Network Council Member Mike Brey, owner of Hobby Works in Fairfax, Va., submitted testimony to the House Energy & Commerce Committee on the importance of the Affordable Care Act.


  On March 19, we issued a statement on the committee confirmation of Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a federal agency supported by 84% of small business owners because they believe it can help ensure they’re treated fairly by Wall Street financial institutions.


  On March 13, John was featured in a Washington Post piece authored by small business reporter J.D. Harrison, touting the benefits of small business tax reform provisions in Congressman Dave Camp’s bipartisan tax reform plan.


  On March 1, the day that “sequestration,” or across-the-board spending cuts, took effect, we put out a statement expressing our disappointment that lawmakers could not forge an agreement to avoid the cuts from becoming real. Lawmakers must now do whatever they can to reverse this, as the cuts are already having negative impacts on small business.


  On March 26, Midwest Outreach Manager Mary Timmel hosted a Missouri webinar giving the state’s small businesses a bird’s eye view of clean energy and energy efficiency policy trends, along with tips on how to save money on their energy bills.


Throughout the month, we collected small business signatures for a sign-on letter to be sent to the North Carolina General Assembly in opposition to the passage of legislation that would overturn the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard.


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