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 Top Press Clips of 2011

Top Press Clips of 2011

How Health Reform Benefits Small Employers
Bloomberg Businessweek
California small businesses still unclear on provisions of healthcare reform law, poll finds
Los Angeles Times
Harry Reid: Biggest problem with health care reform is lack of information about benefits
Las Vegas Sun
Shutdown cost to one small business: $60,000
CNN Money
Commentary: Partisan amendments threaten small-business bills
Washington Post
Too Many Small Businesses Still Overlook Health-Care Tax Credits
Health Law in a Swirl of Forecasts
The New York Times
States given flexibility on insurance exchanges
Los Angeles Times
How You Will Benefit From the Debt Deal
Poll: Small Firms Back Greenhouse Gas Rules
The Wall Street Journal
Does Regulatory Uncertainty Lead to High Unemployment?
Bilingual Website Walks California Entrepreneurs Through Health Coverage
Hispanic Business
Small-Business Owners Group Raises Concerns Over PBM Merger
The Wall Street Journal
Gasoline prices remain at record highs for this time of year
Los Angeles Times
Deal Needed on Payroll Tax Cut
Commentary: The economy needs small business
Washington Post

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Letter from John Arensmeyer

I’m pleased to report that 2011 was a successful one for Small Business Majority. We engaged more lawmakers and small business owners than ever before in our mission to advocate for pragmatic, bottom-line-oriented policies that will work for small businesses and the economy.

Small Business Majority is proud to have played a significant role this year in the first stages of healthcare reform implementation, and we’ve stepped up our role in the clean energy and innovation arenas. We’ve also launched a program to help small businesses get access to credit—small business lending is in an alarming state of crisis and must be adequately addressed.

Below are some of our biggest 2011 successes. Happy Holidays and we’ll see you all in the New Year!



We continued our commitment to grounding our work in sound nonpartisan data by releasing scientific polls on multiple topics including healthcare reform, clean energy and government regulations.

We secured approximately 1,500 national, state and local media placements, including stories in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Forbes and the Los Angeles Times.

We made great strides in connecting with small business owners and lawmakers across the country to educate them about the new healthcare law—the Affordable Care Act. We held listening tours, webinars, forums or other events in 30 states. Click here to see our progress.

We testified before different Congressional committees on small business issues three times. Our testimony addressed the rising costs of employer-offered healthcare, government regulations and potential policies for job creation. We also submitted written testimony on the healthcare tax credits in the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act turned 1 on March 21. We hosted 23 events in 15 states over the course of the week.

Healthcare exchanges became a major area of focus this year. These competitive marketplaces, which take effect in 2014, offer a promising opportunity for small businesses to purchase quality health coverage at affordable prices. Check out our California Health Benefit Exchange forum series and take a look at our exchange work on the national level.

We held focus groups and conducted a national poll examining small business attitudes toward clean energy policies, the need for an innovative clean energy economy and strong new vehicle emissions standards. The poll was covered by the media in more than 250 stories.

To address small business owners’ lack of access to credit, we held a 30-day access to credit webinar series educating them about how to track down loan resources.

Our network of small business owners grew significantly, which led us to begin forming a Network Advisory Council of owners whose experiences will help us craft sound policy recommendations. Our new Network Coordinator, Erica Dowell, oversees the council.

We brought small business owners from around the country to Washington, D.C. to remind Congress why the Clean Air Act is a key driver of an innovative clean energy-based economy–one that is creating more and more small business jobs every year.

We released the Health Coverage Guide, a new online resource in English and Spanish for California entrepreneurs looking for information about health insurance. The Guide has been covered by the media in more than 130 stories. Another important resource for small business owners, our tax credit calculator, has seen nearly 34,000 web hits since its unveiling.

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