AP Profile on John Arensmeyer


In Case You Missed It: AP Profile on John Arensmeyer: Leading an Advocacy Group that Breaks Away from the Pack

Learn why Small Business Majority Founder & CEO John Arensmeyer felt there was a need for a new small business voice in a piece out today by AP Business Writer Joyce Rosenberg.

In 2005, John and a group of other longtime small business owners combined their diverse, extensive entrepreneurial experiences to lay the foundation for Small Business Majority.

Since then, the organization has steadily grown. We now have offices across the country, in Washington DC, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, New York and California, and plan to keep expanding. As we do, we will continue engaging in new and ongoing policy discussions around the most pressing small business issues.

To find out more, read Joyce’s story on Small Business Majority’s John Arensmeyer and feel free to pass this along to friends and colleagues you think might be interested!

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