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Newsletter: June, 2012

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  The possible impact on small businesses after the Supreme Court rules on health care
Associated Press

  POLL: Small Business Owners’ Opinions Counter Anti-Health Law Hype
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  This Week in Small Business
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  Health reform: What’s at stake for small business
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  Small businesses split on health care law
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  Poll: Small businesses back ‘Obamacare’
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  As Health-Care Reform Decision Draws Near, Small Business Owners Show Support
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  One-third of small firms in Calif. offer benefits, survey finds
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  What Oregon small business owners want from the state health insurance exchange
The Oregonian

  Fact Check: EPA Regulations Are Not Small Business’s Kryptonite
Huffington Post

  Poll shows small businesses support stronger anti-pollution standards
Columbus Business First

  This Bookstore Owner Isn’t Bashing Healthcare Tax Credits

  EPA’s rules for new coal plants strike right balance
The Hill

Letter from John Arensmeyer

By the end of the month, the Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling on the Affordable Care Act—an important decision that will impact all small business owners, no matter the outcome. Last week, we released scientific opinion polling that found half of small businesses in eight politically diverse states would like to see the law remain intact or with only minor changes. Only a third of them would like to see it completely overturned.

Our poll also found a number of the law’s components are very attractive to entrepreneurs, including the health insurance exchanges—a topic we released additional poll results on last week with Kaiser Permanente. Both of these polls counter the anti-health law rhetoric saturating the airwaves, and we hope the high court takes our job creators’ needs into account before they hand down their ruling.

Further polling out this month includes our Ohio clean energy survey, which revealed strong support among entrepreneurs for government investments in clean energy. I discussed the results, and the fact that small businesses are often used as pawns in the political hurly-burly of the clean energy debate, in a Huffington Post piece noted by the New York Times. In other clean energy news, Small Business Majority helped encourage senators to vote down a bill that would have weakened the EPA’s ability to oversee emissions of mercury and other toxics.

Last but not least on the research front, we unveiled New Mexico polling this week that indicates the state’s entrepreneurs find the president’s ‘all-of-the-above’ energy development policy most appealing if it ensures protection of public lands.

Those are just a few highlights from this past month. Keep reading to find out more. As always, visit our website to see what we’ll be up to next: http://www.smallbusinessmajority.org.

  • On June 14, we released scientific opinion polling in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Texas and Virginia that found half of small business owners want the Affordable Care Act upheld, either as is or with minor changes, while only one-third want the Supreme Court to overturn it. Once they hear more about the law’s provisions, a 56% majority want it kept, with minor changes, if any.
  • On June 12, we released a survey of small business owners in California and Oregon with Kaiser Permanente that revealed high demand for competitive health insurance exchanges offering multiple plan options. The survey also found more than half of small businesses (51% in California and 55% in Oregon) were not aware of the reform law’s small business tax credits. Polling conducted by Kaiser in Colorado found similar results.
  • On June 6, Betsy Burton, a member of our Network Council and the owner of King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City, Utah, discussed the healthcare tax credits in a Businessweek piece that combats recent negative press surrounding this benefit for small businesses.
  • On May 31, California Outreach Director David Chase kicked off our third annual California Listening Tour by partnering with the San Diego Regional Chamber for a free educational seminar on healthcare reform with local entrepreneurs. On June 1, David joined the Small Business Development Center at College of the Canyons for a Santa Clarita listening session, and then took the tour to Merced on June 13 for an event with Golden Valley Health Centers. On June 28, in partnership with the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, the listening tour will stop in the San Fernando Valley.
  • On June 21, we released New Mexico opinion polling that found the state’s small business owners believe the preservation of its natural assets is essential to their financial success and that of local economies, and the majority find the president’s ‘all-of-the-above’ strategy to develop new energy resources most appealing if it includes provisions to protect public lands.
  • We sent a letter to senators on June 11 urging them to oppose the Congressional Review Act Resolution, which would have thrown out Environmental Protection Agency standards widely supported by small businesses that would reduce mercury and other toxic pollution from power plants. On June 20, Senators voted the bill down.
  • On June 7, we released scientific opinion polling of small business owners in Ohio that found the state’s entrepreneurs broadly support government investing in clean energy—even despite Solyndra’s failure—because they believe it can stimulate the economy and create jobs now.

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