April 2011


President signs 1099 legislation

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Work on the Clean Air Act

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Are you facing soaring healthcare costs? Are energy bills draining your financial resources, preventing the expansion of your business and the hiring of new employees? Have you found it difficult to get an affordable loan or access to credit? If so, we want to hear from you. Or if you haven’t experienced these issues and your business is more successful than ever, we want to know how you did it!
Small business owners in our network have met with President Obama, visited the White House, spoken at press conferences with senators and representatives, and been featured innewspaper articles across the country. So tell us your story and we’ll be in touch. You’ll be a valued resource and will assist us in highlighting the concerns and needs of employers to help mold state and federal policies that positively impact the small business community.
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4/5: CEO John Arensmeyer joined author Sally C. Pipes for a luncheon discussion at the UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business on how the Affordable Care Act impacts small businesses. Prosperitas hosted the debate, and local small business owners and advocates attended it.
3/29: CEO John Arensmeyer moderated the healthcare plenary discussion at the 21st Annual U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Legislative Summit in Washington, DC. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was the keynote speaker for the event.
3/21: Small Business Majority submitted testimony for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners meeting on proposed medical loss ratio legislation. Our testimony explained why it’s essential that insurance companies spend 80% of premium dollars in the small group market on direct care in order to lower costs across the healthcare system.


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Letter from John Arensmeyer

Building on our successful outreach efforts around the one-year anniversary of healthcare reform last month, we’ve remained committed to ensuring the new law is smoothly implemented and small business owners receive the many immediate benefits the law provides. We’ve held or participated in events all over the country, including hosting a weeklong webinar series, to educate small businesses about the law, and the healthcare tax credits specifically, which will offset small businesses’ healthcare costs now.

In addition to our work surrounding implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the current political debate in Washington gave us an opportunity to make the small business perspective heard on a range of other issues. From the fate of the nation’s budget to lawmakers using small business as political pawns to further partisan issues, small business concerns were often at the core of the political discussion, and Small Business Majority was at the table every step of the way.

We provided testimony, both oral and written, on a host of important small business issues including the role of government in passing laws that address private sector business activity and the effect of the new healthcare law on the budget and job creation. We went to bat on behalf of small businesses as lawmakers struggled to negotiate a budget and avoid a government shutdown, reached out to senators urging them to oppose an amendment to the SBIR Reauthorization Act that would stop implementation of the Affordable Care Act and took issue via an opinion piece in the Washington Postwith some members of Congress trying to attack small business by introducing contentious, partisan legislation that would put crucial small business bills at risk.

As we struggle to stabilize our fragile economy, budgetary issues will no doubt dominate the political scene for the foreseeable future. It’s imperative small businesses continue to be represented at the public policy table during these financial discussions, especially as some lawmakers attempt to cut funding and tear down important programs, such as the Affordable Care Act and Clean Air Act, that are vital for small business success. Government and small business need to work together and form a strong, effective partnership if we are to rebuild our economy.

Lastly, while we work externally to fortify our nation’s small businesses, we’re also working internally to strengthen our small business network. I’m excited to welcome Erica Dowell to our team as our new Network Coordinator. She will be a dedicated resource for our small business owners. Before joining our team, Erica worked for Virginia Senator Mark Warner and was a field organizer for Congressman Rick Boucher in Southwest Virginia. Erica will be reaching out to many of you to get feedback and ideas on issues important to the small business community. She’s also here to answer any questions you might have. Contact Erica at edowell@smallbusinessmajority.org or share your experiences as a small business owner with her through our online story bank.

And as always, can get updates on all of our work at www.smallbusinessmajority.org.



President signs 1099 legislation

After months of debate and deliberation by Congress, President Obama signed legislation fixing the 1099 reporting requirement in the ACA on April 14. Small business owners who worried about the enormous paperwork burden this provision would have created can now breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to those of you who sent letters, wrote emails and made phone calls urging lawmakers to get rid of this rule.


Providing the small business perspective through Congressional testimony

We gave written and oral testimony for a number of hearings House of Representatives members held on the Affordable Care Act and the Clean Air Act’s impact on the economy and businesses. On March 30, CEO John Arensmeyer testifiedbefore the House Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and Procurement Reform in support of benefits the Affordable Care Act and Clean Air Act have on small businesses. We submitted written testimonyfor an April 6 House Oversight Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending hearing on the impact of greenhouse gas regulations on small businesses and for a March 30 House Subcommittee on Health hearing on healthcare reform’s affect on the budget and job creation.


Work on the Clean Air Act

While special interests and their allies in Congress have waged a full assault on the EPA’s authority to enforce the Clean Air Act, we have worked overtime to make sure the law remains intact. Along with our written testimony on the impact of greenhouse gas regulations on small businesses, we also collaborated with small business owners to send letters to Capitol Hill urging members to oppose several amendments designed to weaken the EPA.

Our staff met with legislative staffs in House and Senate offices on the importance of the Clean Air Act to small businesses, and in Ohio and Michigan alone, reached out to over 950 small business owners on the need to protect this critical law. Our efforts paid off as all measures to gut the EPA and tear down the Clean Air Act failed.



Webinar series

We hosted a series of free one-hour webinars in the week leading up to the April 18 tax-filing deadline on how small business could claim the new healthcare tax credits this year. A number of SBA regional administrators joined the events to lend their expertise regarding the credits and other pertinent provisions of the law.

With so many small business owners eligible to claim the credit on their 2010 taxes, we worked hard to get the word out through speaking engagements, blogs and media storiesabout how the credits can help make health insurance more affordable for entrepreneurs.


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